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BOBBIE BROWN: Power Packed Skin Repair

I was a Bobbie Brown newbie...... that was before receiving a variety of exceptional products from Bobbie Brown Cosmetics a few months ago.  I have since had the opportunity to use Bobbie Brown skin care products, cosmetics and professional quality brushes, and I have to say everything I have been using is extraordinary!  I have a certain gauge that I use in my mind to calculate how I feel about the products I am reviewing.  I am very selective when it comes to my saying something stands out from being ordinary, because it takes a lot to "wow" me.  It is very important to me that if I say something is outstanding or superior, then I have to truly believe that to be the truth.  So it is without hesitation that I say Bobbie Brown products are sensational, state of the art, magnificent, supreme, you get the idea!

I am pretty sure everyone has heard of Bobbie Brown.  She is pretty much a household name when it comes to the beauty world.  But just in case, on the off chance, you are not familiar with Bobbie Brown, or her views on beauty, let me briefly introduce her to you:

What does Bobbie find beautiful?  The answer may surprise you.  "A strong brow, bedroom eyes, a bump on the nose -- these are the features that inspire me.  Beauty isn't about looking perfect, it is about celebrating your individuality."

Bobbi's view might seem unconventional. But to women around the world, it comes as a welcome relief.

Bobbi believes that "makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident." Through Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi enables every woman to enhance her unique beauty. With straightforward, easy-to-use cosmetics in timeless hues, all formulated to create a smooth, natural, and healthy appearance.

You can read all about Bobbie Brown's story and the history of how she evolved from being a young girl enthralled by makeup to a becoming a successful make up artist to where she is today and everything in between by CLICKING HERE.


Each year as I get older my skin seems to be less adaptive to the 4 seasons we have here in New York.  As each season changes, and the environment around me changes, my skin cannot seem to be able to handle the warm and cold extremes we experience.  My skin gets drier, more prone to blotchy areas and I have a hard time maintaining that glowy, luminous appearance that used to come so naturally to it.  So it was with such excitement and optimism for me when I received a Bobbie Brown Limited Edition Power Packed Skin Care Set.  This particular collection of skin care products from Bobbie Brown is part of the Extra Repair Skin Care Collection and it is just what my skin needed!  Here are the details:

Bobbie Brown sent me a Limited Edition 3 piece Bobbie Brown Power Packed Skin Care Set.

Bobbie Brown Power Packed Skin Care Set
Price:  $110


Everything’s better in threes—especially when it’s a trio of Bobbi’s Extra Repair formulas. Packed with the ultimate in moisture and anti-aging benefits, this set is just what skin needs to look fresher, smoother, firmer and more beautiful.

Set includes:

• Extra Repair moisturizing balm (1.69 oz.)
• Extra Repair serum (0.33 oz.)
• Extra Eye Repair cream (0.24 oz.)

Since this is a limited edition set, it is available at select stores.  So I am going to give you my thoughts about each individual product contained within the set and share with you exactly where you can purchase them in the details below:

Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm, 1.7 oz.
Price: $93


If Bobbi could only have one product, this revolutionary treatment would be it. The super-rich reverse emulsion still feels lush, but now it helps strengthen skin with anti-aging Extra Repair Complex. Argireline ® Peptide helps boost natural collagen production and Clary Sage Ferment, a botanical ingredient that helps improve skin's ability to hold in moisture. An immediate boost of natural hydration comes from proven lipids, including Linoleic Acid, Wheat Bran and Cholesterol. Ideal for nighttime use or during the day when skin is especially dry.


The first thing that struck me was the ultra rich, thick texture of the product.  I personally love a moisturizer that is luxurious and emollient, that is what my skin needs, so this product is ideal for me.  They use the word "balm" in its title, and that is because you need to use just a teeny tiny amount of it on the areas of your face that you want to treat.  A small amount goes a long way!

I have been using this product mainly at night, as during the day I prefer to use a moisturizer lotion that is more lightweight.  But I have been able to reap the benefits of this products using it just a night time, because my skin has been considerably smoother and softer since I began using it a few months ago.

My skin is no longer noticeably dry, it is as if that look of radiance and dewy texture has returned.  I believe in using products faithfully and consistently.  I don't expect to see results right away, as you need to give products a chance to work their magic.  I noticed a visible difference in the texture and appearance of my skin in about 10 days.  And, I continue using the product to this day.

I love the scent of the product, it is pleasant and refreshing.  I am thrilled with the creamy, indulgent, thick consistency of the balm, it feels blissful when I apply it to my skin.  And, I like that I only have to apply a small amount of it at night, so I am confident it is going to last me a very long time.  I can see why it is one of Bobbie Brown's favorite products, and why it is a customer favorite too!

Next is the.......

Extra Eye Repair Cream, .5 oz.
Price: $70


Do your eyes need something extra? Packed with peptides, natural plant oils and humectants that target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dryness, this rich, concentrated cream visibly revives eyes. Use morning and night - warm between fingers, then pat gently around eye area. Once cream is absorbed, follow with Corrector and Creamy Concealer. Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested.


This eye cream is so dreamy!  I can clearly understand why it is an award winning product.  As with the Extra Repair Moisturing Balm, this eye cream is equally rich, thick, and emollient!  A small amount of it is all you need in order to adequately treat your delicate eye area.

The product is so luxurious and creamy that I literally just dab my finger into the jar and gently smooth some over the top of my eye lids just under the eye brow and I take another dab and gently smooth it under my eyes and I am good to go.  I use it both morning and night.  All the wrinkly crinkly spots around my eyes are gone, no fine lines and wrinkles and this improvement became apparent after about 2 weeks of my using this eye repair cream.  

The area around my eyes does look revived and any puffiness that I may from time to time experience is gone.  As for dark circles, I still have some, I think that is more of a hereditary issue for me, but I am so super pleased with how this product has worked for me, and I am going to continue using it until there is not a speck of it left!  And then I will be rushing out to purchase more.  If I could give it an award, it would be gold medal for sure!

And lastly........

Extra Repair Serum, 1.0 oz.
Price: $108


NEW EXTRA Repair Serum is Bobbi's solution for dry or very dry skin. Luxurious and milky, this concentrated repair serum comforts skin as it firms and moisturizes. Anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin C and a powerful peptide help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles both instantly and over time. Meadowfoam Seed Oil hydrate while Wheat, Bran and Olive Extracts help your skin hold on to moisture. Clary Sage Extract helps reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion. Layer underneath your favorite EXTRA moisturizer.


Prior to using this skin care system, I did not always use serum's on my face.  It is an extra step in my daily skin care routine that I sometimes just did not want to take the time to do.  But, in the scheme of my wanting to make sure to use the entire Power Packed Skin Repair System to its fullest, and to gain as many benefits and results from it as possible, I decided to incorporate the serum into my skin care routine, and I am so glad I have!

The serum is exactly as described, silky, milky in consistency and very luxurious.  It glides effortlessly over your skin and is absorbed in an instant.  I can feel its hydrating effects immediately and I love it!

On days when I want light weight moisturizing I use this alone as my moisturizer.  I am not sure that is how it is meant to be used, but hey, it works for me!  Then at night I use this in conjunction with the repair balm.  I think that is why I am seeing such exciting results with my skin!  So, I highly recommend combining this serum with the face moisturizer and eye cream within the system.

You can visit the Bobbie Brown website directly by clicking HERE to see these products and all the wide range of other skin care, cosmetic and beauty products offered there.  They are high end, professional quality products that will allow you to create gorgeous new looks for yourself and keep your skin looking radiant!

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the power packed skin care set from Bobbie Brown as a result of an online promotion . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Bobbie Brown in any manner. Registered & Protected

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