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REVIEW: Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1%

I recently discovered the Karin Herzog brand.  A few months back I reviewed the Karin Herzog Chocolate Face Moisturizer, which I am so enamored with, and now I am really excited to share with you my most recent discovery from the brand which is the Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream.  When I first read the tag line for the product, "Breathe New Life Into Dehydrated Skin', it immediately caught my attention.  I've noticed that the exceptionally warm and humid summer we had really did a number on my skin.  As a result, I was searching for a product that would bring it back to life.  I believe I have found it in this intriguing and unique product from Karin Herzog.

Let me briefly introduce you to the Karin Herzog brand:

{Adapted from the Karin Herzog Press Release}

Karin Herzog is the world leader in oxygen-based skincare and is the only brand on the market to utilize patented-active oxygen in skincare. The line was founded 40 years ago after Dr. Paul Herzog was honored by the Nobel Institute for his research focused on the benefits of oxygen for the skin. Dr. Herzog’s esthetician wife, Karin, was then inspired to collaborate in incorporating his research into a skincare formulation, and the Karin Herzog line was born. 

The successful line, now 52 SKUs strong, which contains a myriad of products to address skincare concerns for the face and body, is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, and is still founding-family owned and operated. The Karin Herzog line is available at select spas and retailers around the world and via


I received a generous full-size 5.18 oz. tube of the fascinating Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream with an accompanying application brush.

Before I share with you my thoughts on the product, let me provide you with all the details about it, because this product is one of the most innovative body moisturizers I have had the opportunity to use.


We are all born with perfect skin. As time passes, the fully oxygenated outer layer of skin we are born with shows signs of wear and tear. By the age of 25, there is already a significant decline in skin’s oxygen level, up to 40%. 

Why is oxygen so important to skin? It is an essential molecule for hydration. It provides cells with the water and energy needed to produce collagen fibers and elastin, which help to repair the skin. Most skincare products that claim to be formulated with oxygen are actually just pumped with air in order to create a fluffy consistency. Karin Herzog is the only brand to be formulated with patented “active oxygen,” which actually creates additional skin moisture.

The revolutionary Karin Herzog Oxygen Body was developed utilizing the brand’s patented active oxygen technology. This dual action body moisturizer provides deep hydration and gentle exfoliation in one treatment. Containing 1% active oxygen and mild fruit acids, Oxygen Body effectively removes dull skin cells while hydrating, softening and toning the skin. 


Deep Hydration and Gentle Exfoliation in One Body Treatment

This dual action body moisturizer contains 1% active oxygen and mild fruit acids to effectively remove dull skin cells while hydrating, softening and toning the skin. Enhanced with natural fruit oils, this body moisturizer is mildly antiseptic, helping to combat bacteria below the surface of the skin and reducing breakouts. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Hydrates and stimulates skin
  • Leaves it smooth and soft with long lasting hydration
  • Helps protect against bacteria
  • Helps to prevent breakouts and blemishes on the skin
  • Paraben and preservative free

Key Ingredients:

  • 1% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Apricot Oil
  • Citric Acid
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Glycolic Acid


Can be used either before or after a shower/bath. Apply a thin film to the body without massaging. Allow to penetrate fully or, if preferred, remove after 5 minutes by taking a shower or wiping the product off. Use daily. This may also be applied to the hands after water contact.

Special Note:

Due to the antiseptic properties of the oxygen cream, the product can be used as a hand sanitizer as well as to fight and prevent breakouts in other areas of the body prone to impurities. If additional comfort for the top layers is needed, we recommend the application of Tonus B12.


Active  oxygen  in  Karin  Herzog  products immediately  change from  the  liquid  to gaseous  form  once  coming  in  contact with the skin. It is important to not apply the product to your hands. Instead, apply  to  the desired part of skin, or activation will only take place on your hands.

Apply  product  to  Karin  Herzog  brush  or directly onto desired skin location.

Using  brush  or  light  touch  of  hand,  gently smooth  product  over  desired  location without massaging or rubbing in. A thin layer of product should be left on skin as it will be absorbed.

Allow  a  few  minutes for  product  activation to  take  place.  Depending  on  the  level  of oxygenation, you may notice a slight bubbling or tingling feeling, this is totally normal.

Wipe away any excess product from the skin.  You  may  notice  skin  has  become  lighter  or cooler to the touch, again this is normal. Each oxygen  molecule is  boding  with  hydrogen molecules  under  your  skin,  creating water and hydrating your skin from within. The light color will dissipate momentarily.


I am so in love with this truly splendid multi-tasking body cream!  I am always raving about products that multi-task because I want to get the most out of the products I use, and this one does not disappoint!  When I first read the application instructions I thought perhaps all the steps would be a 'con' rather than a 'pro' but honestly there is not one negative aspect about the application process or the product itself.  The positive results are worth the slight extra effort you have to put into applying the product.  And, I look at it like an at home, spa-like, pampering experience for me.

I also had a little concern that perhaps my sensitive skin may not react well with this product, because I have had issues in the past with other body products.  I am pleased to say my skin did not have any adverse reactions to this product at all.  No tingling, no redness, nothing.  In fact, my skin has never felt better or looked better since using it!

The first thing I noticed about the product is how rich, thick and creamy it is.  You only need to apply a thin layer of the product on your skin, so you do not need to use a lot at all.  A small dime size amount on the brush goes a long way.  I used the product on my arms, legs and neck/décolletage area shortly after showering.  It feels smooth and silky while applying, I did not experience any tingling or cool feeling, just a pleasant feeling.

I left the product on my skin for well over 10 minutes.  By the time I remembered I had it on myself, it had basically all been absorbed into my skin, so I had very little to wipe off.  My skin was left extremely soft, and very hydrated.  There is barely any noticeable scent to the cream which I really like because it does not interfere with colognes I want to wear. 

I think that the fact that this product not only hydrates and gently exfoliates your skin, but it also can serve to protect against bacteria and prevent blemishes and breakouts on the skin.  And, I am noticing that the hydrating benefits of the product are long lasting.

You can purchase the amazing Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream by CLICKING HERE.

You can visit the Karin Herzog website by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the brand and the wonderful line-up of products offered there.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream from Karin Herzog for the purposes of this review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Karin Herzog in any manner. Registered & Protected

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