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Kat Burki fragrances are absolutely enchanting!  I think by now you all know how important it is to me that I smell pretty.  First and foremost, it is for me that I want to exude a lovely aroma, and secondly it is for everyone else to enjoy.  It is with such excitement and enthusiasm that I tell you about two of Kat Burki's amazing fragrances that have won my heart and they are surely going to win over yours.  I fell in love with some of Kat Burki's skincare products last month, you can read my review about them HERE , and now I am totally enamored with her fragrances as well. They are my top picks for holiday gift giving this season!


The gracious folks over at Kat Burki sent me two delightful fragrances to review.  I was so impressed with the Kat Burki skin care products I reviewed recently, that I wanted to introduce you all to Kat Burki fragrances too.  With the holidays quickly approaching, these fragrances will make splendid holiday gifts!  And, don't forget about yourself, you really should treat yourself to a positively irresistible new fragrance so you can feel beautiful at all the upcoming holiday festivities!  Here are my suggestions:

Size:  3.4 fl. oz.


A sophisticated, intriguing and layered version of the original Tuberose fragrance. With lightness and clarity, it evokes a woman’s inner confidence and sensuality. Its harmonizing fresh green notes, ephemeral florals and soft spices are purely irresistible.


Top: Green, Bergamot, Peach Nectar, Fruity, Orange, Ozonic Fresh

Middle: Jasmine, Sweet Herbal, Lily, Rose, Neroli, Violet, Creamy Coconut, Clove

Base: Rosewood, Powdery Musks, Piney, Green Leaves, Woody, Spicy Nuances

HOW TO USE:  Apply Tubéreuse Eau de Parfum on pulse points (wrists, behind ears and on neck). Layer with Kat Burki Perfumed Body Crème for a more luxurious fragrance experience.


Kat Burki fragrances arrive housed in beautiful and very elegantly designed boxes.  That makes for a memorable first impression.  I knew I was in for a special experience from the moment I held the heavy box in my hand.  When I opened the box and pulled out the classy, gorgeous bottle of  Tubéreuse, I immediately surmised how exquisite the bottle is, a work of art itself.  It is a stunning
 bottle and the fragrance inside is equally triumphant!

Tubéreuse is a very feminine, intensely fragranced scent, but not overwhelming by any means.  It is sexy, exotic, sweet, and quite alluring.  When you spray it on yourself, it is a "wow" moment.  You will say out loud oooh and ahhhh for the first few moments.  Then you will be addicted to smelling yourself, we all have done that before.  You will do that with  Tubéreuse.

The fragrance is full strength for a couple of hours, then it begins to tone itself down, but still very much noticeable.  I like that it starts out strong, it captivates your senses and indulges your mind, then it softens and keeps you aware of its presence, but in a more subtle manner.

I would say this fragrance is ageless and timeless.  Any woman would be thrilled to receive it as a gift, it is a heavenly fragrance that is filled with splendor and will make you feel so beautiful and good all over.  You only need to spray a few spritzes to bask yourself in its brilliant glory.  I love it.

Size:  3.4 fl. oz.


A distinctive, radiant and divine fragrance with unique presence and crisp fresh notes. Its unmistakable character, infused with zesty and sparkling Bergamot creates a glorious state of mind of All Things Possible.


Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Citrus, Green Leaves

Middle: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Lily, Eucalyptus, Cyclamen

Base: Powdery, Sandalwood, Amber, Rosewood, Cedar Leaf, Camphor

HOW TO USE:  Apply ENDLESS SUMMER on pulse points (wrists, behind ears and on neck). Layer with Kat Burki Perfumed Body Crème for a more luxurious, long lasting fragrance experience.


This is another winner!  It is totally different from Tubéreuse, this is a much more contemporary scent, where Tubéreuse is a more romantic sensual fragrance.  Endless Summer is the perfect scent to wear by day, to work, or wherever your day time journey takes you.  It is a very uplifting, invigorating scent, it really fills your senses with positive energy and you feel like you can conquer anything and everything.

I love the confidence that Endless Summer brings out in me.  The aroma is refreshing and emanates serenity.  People will notice the crisp, fresh fragrance notes, and it will make them feel the same positive energy you are experiencing.  It is like spreading uplifting love to all those around you.

This is another fragrance that really is well suited for all women.  No matter what your usual fragrance preferences are, this one is going to be appealing to you because of the optimistic power it has over you when you are wearing it.  Who doesn't want that?!  Women of all ages will be drawn to the carefree, youthful scent of Endless Summer, and I imagine that even in the dead of winter, when you spray some of this on yourself, it will whisk you away to a warm sunny place where you can forget about the chill in the air surrounding you.  

I tend to gravitate towards colognes that have citrus notes in it, and the mix in Endless Summer is by far superior than any I have used in the past.  The combination of top, middle and base notes in this scent is genius!  I adore this fragrance just as much as I do with Tubéreuse, but for total opposite reasons.  Endless Summer will make an outstanding holiday gift for your Mom, Sister, BFF, they will be thrilled with it.

This concludes my review.

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Disclosure: I received the two Kat Burki fragrances outlined in this review from Kat Burki for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Kat Burki in any manner. Registered & Protected

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