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Not sure what to get the special people in your life for the holidays?  How about a very unique and alluring fragrance that appeals to both women and men!   ScentStory is a fragrance company that created a line of unisex fragrances that are magnificent!  There are several 24 fragrances that were created to captivate your senses and indulge your mind.  I was given an opportunity to review three of them and they are fabulous!  Exceptionally well crafted, these luxurious fragrances are reasonably priced and will delight you.   Let me briefly introduce ScentStory to you:

{Adapted from the ScentStory Website}

For centuries, scent - or fragrance - has been an integral part of many cultures, from the Ouds of the Middle-East, to the seductive creations of French fashion houses. A fragrance delivers much more than just a "smell"; it is an experience and one that lasts over time. That’s why we believes fragrances are the perfect medium to tell stories. They represent a universal, timeless language that requires no words, no sounds . . . just beautiful scents.


This holiday season give your loved one the gift of confidence and adventure!  I am a firm believer that the right fragrance can literally give you confidence and a feeling that you can conquer anything.  That is precisely what the 24 collection of unisex fragrances were created to do.  Give one a feeling of control, a sense of power, and after having the opportunity to experience three of 24's top key fragrances, I do believe they are successful at achieving that goal.

Here are details on three of 24's extraordinary fragrances:

24 GOLD ELIXIR by ScentStory
3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Spray


Elixir – nectar of luxury, Gold – symbol of power and success

Both of them combined create an absolute symbiosis of mystery and unbeatable strength. Those are the exact attributes of this fragrance. Infatuating with notes of rose, saffron and honey while coconut, amber and vanilla add the exotic touch. Wood notes in the base, like Guajak and Cedarwood, are playing a perfect part to balance the spicy, sweet top, making it a precious, long lasting fragrance for a glamorous day or night. 

24 Gold Elixir Cologne by ScentStory, For the person who is confident and adventurous, ScentStory has created 24 gold elixir . A woodsy base of rich, nutty agarwood makes this fragrance ideal for the discriminating man with exquisite tastes. Hints of cedar and guaiac wood provide a crisp, woodsy scent, while jasmine and sandalwood notes offer warm and spicy undertones. This fragrance is suitable for the office or for memorable after-hour plans, as it can make even the most casual days feel special.


The 24 Gold Elixir arrives housed in a very couture and elegant black and gold gift box.  It is a very impressive first impression.  The bottle is sensational, anyone will feel so honored to receive this magnificent fragrance as a gift.  I cannot express enough what a robust, exotic fragrance this is, and very long lasting.  The longevity of the scent stayed with me all day. 

The amber oud is the aroma that I first detect.  It is luxurious and very pleasing.  Next I was able to breathe in the sweet oriental-like  scents.  This is a very complex fragrance with a lot of fascinating notes swirling and toying with your senses.  It is enticing with honey, rose, cocoa and vanilla to appeal to one's sweet side.  Then you have pine, saffron, cardamon, cedar and amber to appeal to your outdoorsy side.  And what a glorious combination they all make when combined!  It fragrance sort of reminds me of being in a middle eastern desert with the warmth and aromas of spices that fill the air there.  A real winner!

24 PLATINUM ELIXIR by ScentStory
3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parful Spray


Elixir – nectar of luxury, Platinum – symbol or pure exclusivity 

This powdery scent is as exclusive as its metal counterpart. Opening with frankincense, lemon and wormwood, the perfume captures your immediate attention by awakening all your senses.  Precious amber, cedar and apricot in its body will wrap you like a silky robe while its base of vanilla, leather and musk, will remind you of your secret treasures hidden for those special moments. A truly pure and strong fragrance lifting you up with exclusivity.

24 Platinum Elixir Cologne by ScentStory, Classy and enchanting, 24 platinum elixir appeals to one's sensitive side . Created by the scent designers at scentstory, this unisex fragrance features the earthy, rich and warm notes of galbanum and sandalwood, which are combined harmoniously with the subtle citrus and floral scents of juniper berries and rose.  Sophisticated and informal, this elixir is perfect for a day at the office, for a night on the town or for your date with that someone special.


The 24 Platinum Elixir also comes housed in a very sleek and sophisticated gift box.  It makes for such a brilliant gift presentation!  This fragrance is very different from the 24 Gold Elixir.  The two are like night and day.  This is a very dry fragrance, yet it offers sweet notes to entice the senses.  This is a very crisp and clean smelling scent.

You can detect fruity apricot notes, and as you wear it, it transform to a more woodsy, cedar aroma, a bit leathery scent, which it wonderful.  I like a fragrance that changes as you are wearing it.  I know everyone will adore this fragrance, it is very alluring.

If you prefer leathery, frankincense type fragrances, then this is the 24 fragrance for you.  It is a cooler, chrome and leather scent, where the Gold Elixir is a warmer more exotic scent.

1 fl. oz. Eau de Toilette Spray


Gold is the symbol of ultimate success and power: fascinating and reassuring. It is desired by all, often source of conflict, and hence consistent with the show. The distinguished scent of "24 Gold" starts with a rich blend of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Think hazelnut latte, as described by our fans and reviewers on Youtube. Precious and captivating, mysterious and enchanting "24 Gold" is a woody oriental fragrance for men and women in search of a unique scent.

24 Gold The Fragrance Cologne by ScentStory.  This fragrance keeps you feeling like an action hero with notes of agarwood, cedar and jasmine for a clean, crisp scent in the toughest of conditions. Wear this unisex fragrance on date night or around the office for an attractive aura as you walk by. This mood altering scent includes sandalwood notes to improve your confidence level and keep you happy throughout the day.


The 24 Gold The Fragrance is truly remarkable!  When you first inhale this fragrance it sort of reminds me of cherry pie, or maybe tobacco, and a mix of both!  That is very unique composition, and, it works!  This may be my favorite of the three 24 fragrances I am reviewing,  although they are all so different from one another, I really can't make that comparison.

Then as you are wearing the scent, you begin to notice the spicey orange and vanilla aromas.  To describe this scent is difficult, it is creamy, sweet, you also notice the amber in it, and you sense a smoldering of oud incense.

I love that this scent lasts on you for hours and hours.  One spray is enough.  It is hard to believe it is a toilette not a parfum!  I put it on in the morning, and at dinner time I can still smell it!  Although the scent is much different later in the day than when you initially apply it. It is a very rich and robust scent, and I love the amber notes in it.  Another winner!

This concludes my review.

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Disclosure: I received the three 24 fragrances outlined in this review from ScentStory for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with ScentStory in any manner. Registered & Protected

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