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As part of my annual Summer 2017 Head to Toe Glamour Guide I am thrilled to be able to include one of Circ-Cell's iconic products, the Dew pH Perfector!  Dew is a skin-refining pH perfector that balances the skin’s mantle while providing rich, dewy hydration.  On those hot sultry summer days when you want your skin to look radiant, but do not want the weight of your regular moisturizer on your skin, Dew is going to be the ideal product to restore moisture and keep your skin looking luminous.  Let me introduce Circ-Cell to you:

{Adapted from the Circ-Cell Website}

Longing for simple, clean living after years in the city, Circ-Cell founder Maya Crothers and her family moved to the small mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The challenges of caring for her skin in a high mountain climate required a new level of performance skincare, while the beauty of her new home inspired her to seek out products based in nature. Unable to find products that that met her desire for performance and nature, Maya felt challenged to create a luxurious, high-performance skincare collection for the modern woman. An engineer by training, Maya cultivated a small team of experts that share her vision for elegant products that deliver results.

Circ-Cell’s name is a hybrid of circle and cellular denoting our commitment to marrying science with nature. We believe that skincare should feel like pure luxury while performing to the highest standards. Every Circ-Cell formula is incredibly hard–working, yet feels effortless.

We never add fragrances, dyes, or harsh preservatives to our formulas— our pure, carefully-selected ingredients speak for themselves. Our products feel luxurious and light, inspiring a sense of wellbeing and leaving a beautiful finish on the skin.

In Circ-Cell we have sought to create a truly complete beauty ritual, crafted for the skincare connoisseur.


{Photo by Joanna Smith}

The generous folks at Circ-Cell sent me one Circ-Cell DEW pH Perfector to review and one to giveaway!  How wonderful is that?!!  One lucky THE BEST OF EVERYTHING reader will have a chance to experience the benefits of this iconic product all summer long.  And, you all will fall in love with this fabulous product just as much as I have and want to purchase it for yourself so your skin will glow and look more youthful all summer long too!

Here are the details about DEW:

CIRC-CELL DEW pH Perfector
Price:  $60
Size:  4 fl. oz.


Whether used as pH primer or final step, Dew delivers on its name. Lactic acid helps balance the skin’s pH, while ten amino acids provide hydration. Camphor attacks bio-elements that cause breakouts and witchhazel helps pores contract and close. Canadian willow herb keeps skin calm and even. Dew can also be used to improve the appearance of crepey, sagging skin on the arms and body.

» Balances pH

» Soothes redness

» Minimizes the appearance of pores

» Restores moisture


Use up to twice daily, after cleansing skin. Apply to face using hands or cotton pad or gauze pad. Press product into skin for optimal results.


{Photo by Joanna Smith}

I must sound like a broken record because every skin care review I write I always say that I have sensitive skin with mild rosacea.  So, with having said it yet again, I can honestly say I love the DEW pH Perfector because it is a product that my sensitive skin can tolerate, and almost instantly after applying it, any redness to my skin goes away!  No kidding, this product is wonderful!

Before I go further I also want to comment that the product has a really pleasant scent.  Not a sweet aroma, but an earthy kind of organic fragrance.  I know just by the scent that the product has ingredients that are going to calm and nourish my skin.

The first few times I applied dew I think I was using way too much.  Not that I experienced any negative issues, but I was just wasting product that I didn't need to use.  Less is more with dew.  So how I have been using it is to dispense enough to wet a round cotton pad with the product.  Then I dab it all around my face, not rubbing it in, but patting it in.  If I need a bit more product on the pad, I dispense a little more.

It doesn't take long for the product to dry in the morning that is all I do before putting on my makeup. Dew is enough hydration for me during the day.  At night, I have been following up the dew with my usual night time moisturizer.

The weather has been really warming up here.  This week has been a great week to test out dew because it has been more humid and warm.  I am thrilled that I have this product on hand for the summer, it is going to keep the redness to my skin down, it definitely has improved the texture of my skin {pores}, and it more than adequately adds the ideal amount of moisture that my skin needs.

Some people think of this product as a toner.  I personally have never really felt toners worked for me.  They were just an extra step in my skin care routine that I thought I did not need.  Call DEW pH perfector a toner, or just call it a just what it is, perfection in a bottle, it is now a product I do not want to be without, and I am so excited that I discovered it!  My skin has never looked healthier on a hot muggy day!  No more redness, no more blotchy dry areas, just a more youthful glow and appearance to it after only 4 days!

Now that you have had a chance to read about my experience with CIRC-CELL DEW pH Perfector, I'd like to give one of my readers a chance to win a bottle for themselves.  So on to the giveaway!


{Photo by Joanna Smith}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

TERMS:  The winner will receive one full-size bottle of CIRC-CELL DEW pH Perfector that has a retail value of $60. This giveaway is hosted by Joanna Smith and sponsored by CIRC-CELL.  Joanna Smith is not employed nor affiliated with CIRC-CELL in any manner.   Joanna Smith is responsible for the winner selection, shipping and delivery of the giveaway prize.  This giveaway is only open to those residing in the United States and you must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

Disclosure: I received CIRC-CELL DEW pH Perfector as outlined in this review from CIRC-CELL for the purposes of this review. CIRC-CELL also provided me with one bottle of CIRC-CELL DEW pH Perfector to use for the giveaway.  This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with CIRC-CELL in any manner. Registered & Protected


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