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Summer is almost here!  Who else is excited for all the fun in the sun activities that summertime brings us?!  Not to mention all the social gatherings and good times that we are looking forward to.  One thing I know for sure, we all want to look and feel our best all summer long so we can participate in all the adventures and coming occasions and be on our "A" game the entire time.  So now is the time to think about ways to stay energized, sleep better at night and jump start your skin to being in tip top shape!  And I have the perfect product to tell you about which will help you to achieve it all!  It is an anti-aging supplement and so much more called LUMITY.  LUMITY is the first ever supplement to address all 9 causes of aging in the body.  Let me introduce LUMITY to you so you can understand exactly what this product is and how it will work for you and then at the end of the review I am offering one of my readers a chance to Win a box of LUMITY for themselves!!

{Adapted from the Lumity Website}

Anti-Aging Supplement LUMITY Promises Beauty You Can Feel and Science You Can Trust by Helping to Counter Nine Causes of Aging

Lumity is a twice-daily supplement that improves skin, energy and overall wellness through targeted ingredients that nourish and stimulate aging defenses and improve cellular health.

Aging is an accumulation of damage in the body, the negative synergy of several biological processes that wreak havoc on our systems at the cellular level. Our bodies start losing efficiency in our 20’s, and stress, environmental toxins and a reliance on caffeine and sugar speed up the process and diminish our reserve of essential nutrients. While most welcome the wisdom and confidence aging brings, the less-than-supple skin, fatigue and unbalanced hormones are unwanted distractions.

Created by Chief Scientist and Cambridge PHD Sara Palmer Hussey, Lumity provides targeted nutrition that naturally stimulates the body’s defenses like glutathione and HGH that plummet as you age repairing, restoring and sustaining youthfulness at the cellular level.

“As a single, working mom I wanted a natural way to improve my energy and health, and as a scientist, I knew that the body knows best and products on the market didn’t offer holistic, sustainable results,” said Palmer Hussey. “Multi-vitamins aimed at aging support are often tough to digest and filled with ingredients many women may not need. The supplement aisles are confusing and costly with minerals and vitamins often ineffective, counterproductive and potentially toxic when taken together or in mega doses. Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Lumity is a gentle, effective nudge to support the body to heal damage caused aging and empower you to be your best age yet.”

Experts have long recognized free radicals as the primary aging cause, and most products on the market offer antioxidants to target them. But Palmer Hussey discovered that the free radical theory isn’t the full story, and it is one of nine universal, interrelated aging causes – all working in tandem to wage war on our cells: oxidative damage, cellular debris, glycation, telomere shortening, DNA damage, inflammation, cellular energy decline, insulin resistance and hormonal decline.

Lumity is comprised of the ideal balance of vitamins A, C, D and E; minerals iodine, magnesium, selenium and zinc; amino acids acetyl-l-carnitine, l-cysteine, alanine, lysine, l-glutamine, l-arginine; Coenzyme Q10 and rhizome Turmeric – all suspended in flaxseed oil for maximum absorption. The revolutionary two-step formula harnesses the body’s natural circadian rhythm and healing powers to effectively clean out the rust caused by aging and stimulates the production of the body’s natural defenses glutathione and HGH for strengthened immunity, more energy, hormonal balance and glowing skin.

Three capsules in the morning promote collagen production, detoxification and oxidative damage repair, and three just before bed stimulate the release of human growth hormone restoring the body’s tissue.

All Lumity ingredients can be found in food, are within the recommended daily dosages, are free of fillers, phthalates, parabens and caffeine and are easily ingestible and digestible. With teams of ingredients working synergistically to offer women an easy, healthy way to restore youthful vitality, Lumity is your natural, all-in-one internal anti-aging arsenal.


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If you are committed to maintaining healthy skin and are seeking ways to increase your energy level and improve your overall well being, then look no farther because Lumity may be the easiest way to achieve all of this quick and easily!  Here are the specifics on what you will receive in a box of Lumity:

Price:  $115 for Single Shipment, Auto-Replenish $97.75

NOTE:   With Auto-Replenish, we will send you a supply of Lumity EVERY 4 weeks, AUTOMATICALLY and you will save 15%.   A Lumity life should be simple.   Know you may modify or cancel at any time with ease.

With Lumity, benefits build over time. We recommend trying Lumity for at least 3 months to see all Lumity can do for you.


Lumity is a twice-daily supplement that helps counter the 9 causes of aging from within.   Clinically tested with proven results, it improves skin, energy and overall wellness through targeted ingredients that nourish and stimulate aging defenses and improve cellular health.

You will receive two bottles: One Bottle for the Morning and One Bottle for the Night


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Lumity is made with the safest and most effective ingredients, therefore, you are going to notice visual improvements to the condition of your skin and most likely hair and nails too!!  Also, you are going to experience more energy and an overall sense of well being.  The hardest part to achieving measurable results is to REMEMBER!  Remember to take the 3 capsules each morning and the 3 capsules at night time.  I am famous for forgetting.  I get anxious in the morning to get my day going.  I have a hundred things going on at one time.  So it is very easy for me to just push on with my day and never take my vitamins, supplements, etc.  And night time is even worse!  I get comfy on the sofa, or laying in bed watching TV and as I am falling asleep I remember I forgot to take the supplements.  It is so easy to dismiss it and say, ok, tomorrow I will remember.   So, if you can just be consistent in taking the supplements, there is no way you won't see expected results.

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Realistically, you need to remain on the regimen for at least 3 months to see maximum results.  But I have to say, that after a month of being loyal to the regimen, I have noticed an improvement in the areas of skin roughness, dullness, hydration and firmness as well as general overall appearance.  My skin is very far from perfect.  It is sensitive skin prone to mild rosacea and breakouts.  In my teens and 20's, I never had a pimple, I had picture perfect skin.  Then something changed and my beautiful skin disappeared and now I have to work hard to keep it healthy and clear.

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My advice is commit to this regimen and create a daily morning and evening routine for taking this supplement and you will discover it is worth every penny you spend on it for something that is priceless!  To me, beautiful skin and hair, high energy levels, and feeling your personal best is priceless!!  Not to forget to mention you will sleep much better at night!  I noticed I was able to get a much deeper sleep after about 2.5 weeks of the regimen.   I experienced no side effects from the supplements, no upset tummy or any kind of reaction.  But then again, I did not expect to, these products are made with the finest quality amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids with dosages well within recommended daily guidelines. All ingredients are sourced from natural, quality-assured raw materials.

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The pills are medium sized.  Not too large so they are relatively easy to swallow.  Mocha color for am, vanilla color for night time just before bed.  They work from within giving you what you need, when you need it!  Stick with the program and you will reap the benefits of this groundbreaking way to combat the signs of aging and increase your energy level and sleep pattern!

This concludes my review.


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I'd love the Lumity Anti-Aging Supplement to help me sleep better and improve the health of my hair and skin! Thank you for this Amazing giveaway!

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