Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clear Remedy Skin Care Review

NOTE: This is an update for Thursday, June 25, 2009

It has been over 3 weeks since I began using the Clear Remedy 3-Step Skin Care System and I continue to be very pleased with how my skin is continuing to improve. I never am one to give myself compliments, but wow, I have to say my skin looks fantastic! I look in the mirror and I have to do double take because I just cannot believe how clear and actually "glowing" my complexion is. I honestly cannot believe how much of a change has transpired in my skin's appearance in just over 3 weeks. The only signs of skin issues that I can see right now is a touch of redness on both sides of my cheeks right on either side of my nose. Now when I say redness, just a little ruddy, no bumps, breakouts, or potential skin problems are visible.

This truly is cause for me to celebrate. My skin has not looked this clear and problem free in over 8 months. I actually look forward to reaching for my Clear Remedy products everyday now because I know they are working for me, and I no longer dread my skin care routine because I know the products are effectively keeping my skin healthy and glowing!

NOTE: This is an Update for Wednesday, June 10th

It has been just over 1 week since I started using the Clear Remedy 3-Step Skin Care System. Honestly, my skin has not looked or felt this great in over 8 months. I still have some redness and bumpiness to the texture of my skin, but in just one week those issues are considerably improved from where they were when I started, and I am so thrilled with the results in such a short period of time. Had I known Clear Remedy would work so fast on helping to clear up and heal my skin, I would have tried this months ago!!

During the past week I had a chance to put the Clear Remedy Acne Spot Treatment to the test. A couple of pimples tried to surface on my skin so I immediately applied a thin film of the product on each one and before the end of the day they were gone, now how's that for fast fix and healing!

I am continuing to be amazed by these products and I am hoping within the next few weeks my skin will be totally clear, because it is almost there now. Having clearer skin has given me so much confidence back, I'm feeling so relieved that my skin is looking better, so I don't have to apply as much makeup to cover my imperfections up. I am truly reporting honestly here and if anyone wants to ask me specific questions, please do not hesitate to do so.

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I will give you another update on my progress next week!! To read my initial review of these products please continue to read below the line here.

For the past several months I have been struggling with some mild adult acne and Rosacea. It started back in October and I have been trying different skincare products to try and heal my skin back into shape. So far, I have seen little progress and it has been a constant issue that is on my mind all the time. So when Clear Remedy contacted me about doing a review about their skincare line, I jumped at the chance. Over the next several weeks I will be sharing with you my progress using the Clear Remedy Skincare products. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing how they work for me to get my skin back into the healthy condition I know it can be in!

My Initial Out-Of-The-Box Experience:

I receive my package of Clear Remedy 3-Step System in record time, 3 days, wow! From the moment I opened the box I felt these products were going to be special. The presentation in the box was bright and cheerful with bright green ribbon filler keeping the products safely in place. The first thing I did was read all the product information that was enclosed. Hmmm, I thought, 3 steps, sounds easy to me! So, last night I tried them for the first time. Then again this morning, and so far, so good! Let me share a little bit about each product:

Days 1 & 2:

1. The first step of course is the Clear Remedy Cleanser. This product washes away impurities and excess oil and gently exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells and help to keep your pores clean. You just need a small amount of it, a dime size dollop and you are good to go. The cleanser starts off as a clear gel and then transforms into a foam. Two fantastic things stood out to me immediately. The smell was wonderful, it's a fresh, clean scent, very, very pleasing to the senses. Second, when I was done cleansing my skin, my skin felt really, really soft. The cleanser did not dry out my skin at all, as I have experienced before with other cleansers. My skin really does feel refreshed.

2. The second step is the Clear Remedy Acne Treatment. You just need 2 pumps of this product to be aplied all over your face, of course avoiding the eye area. Note you can also apply this to the back and chest to treat breakouts, but I do not need to. The scent of this product is a little clinical, but I like it because I immediately knew that there were ingredients in this that are going to help treat the skin problems I have. This was a quick and easy step.

3. The third step is the Clear Remedy Hydrating Lotion. This is a very gentle, soothing hydrating lotion. I applied it liberally all over my face and my skin seemed to love it because it drank it right up! The scent was light, fresh and again clean smelling. I really like this product. It left my skin silky smooth and perfectly ready for applying my makeup! My skin feels great right now and much of the redness seems less noticeable.

4. Clear Remedy also sent me the Clear Remedy Acne Spot Treatment. This product is formulated to quickly heal stubborn individual pimples. I only have 2 bothersome pimples right now so I followed the instructions and applied a thin layer to the affected area. I can use this as product as needed for up to 1-3 times daily. I can't wait to see how fast they disappear!

Thoughts after using this Clear Remedy 3-Step System for Days 1 & 2:

I am really impressed with this product line. The products did not dry out my skin in any way nor did I experience any kind of stinging, burning or irritations from using any of the 4 products. In the past, with other similar treatment lines I have experienced these symptoms, so I am pleasantly optimistic that these products are going to treat and nourish my skin back into the clear, beautiful shape I know it is capable of being in. I can't wait to fill you in on how I am doing with these products again in one week!

Clear Remedy would like to offer my readers a chance to purchase Clear Remedy at a discount (only $94.50). You can use this link: with the promotion code GETCLEAR30 for 30% of your order (no minimum) and free ground shipping, or just use the GETCLEAR30 code upon checkout. Registered & Protected


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