Thursday, July 9, 2009

Organix Grapefruit Mango Butter Haircare Review

This morning I used the Organix Grapefruit Mango Butter Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time. I was really excited to try these two products out since they just sounded so fantastic. I had a sneaky feeling before I tried them that this was going to be one memorable shower experience I wasn't going to forget. And, I am pleased to say these two wonderful products did not disappoint my expectations in the least!

My initial out of the box experience was that the products are visually appealing. The containers are bright and cheerful and give you that feeling that they are high end products. Then when you flip the tops of the containers open you can smell the uplifting aroma of the grapefruit mango scent, and it immediately heightens your senses, makes you feel happy and anxious to apply them to your hair. The consistency of the shampoo and conditioner is very opaque and rich. The color of the actual shampoo and conditioner is just as pretty as the containers, a pinkish purple color. You can feel the moisturizing properties of the shampoo and conditioner in your hands.

Before I tell you how the products felt as I used them, I should tell you that I have long, thick, colored treated and highlighted hair that can be unruly and dry at times. So, I am very picky about what haircare products I will use on my hair, they have to be natural and filled with ingredients that are going keep my hair well nourished and healthy. Having said that, let me share with you my experience with these products:

Okay, so I washed my hair, and I wanted to keep washing it because the product felt so good in my hair and the fragrance was exhilarating and rejuvenating. I felt like I was at a spa in my own bathroom! When I was done shampooing I could feel that my hair was soft and silky feeling even though it was set. The shampoo was very easy to rinse out completely.

The conditioner was an equally pleasurable experience. I left the conditioner on my hair while I finished showering so it was on for about 3 minutes. I always tend to leave my conditioner on for longer than necessary just to give my hair the most possible conditioning, moisturizing and hydration as possible. The product easily rinsed out and left no residue on my hair, which in the past other products have left my hair feeling sticky and unclean.

I blow dried my hair when I was done and my hair truly does look fantastic today! It is soft to the touch, very shiny, it doesn't look dried out or frizzy at all. These products are going to work very well for me and I can't wait to use them again and again! Now if I can just stop sniffing my hair, I can't stop because it smells so good, imagine how alluring it will be to others!

My first impression of these two products is said with one word, wonderful! I highly recommend them. I don't always say that about products, and often times I am left disappointed with them, but if you are looking for a great new shampoo and conditioner to try, you may like these. Oh, and did I mention you won't break the bank when you purchase these products ~ yes, you can find them for under $7.00 each, you may find a sale on them somewhere so the price may vary, but definitely a spectacular line of products for budget conscious people. Value per dollar, exceptional!

If you would like to learn more about these products you can visit the Organix website HERE

You can learn specifically about this set of products and hear what Organix has to say about them as well as learn about all the other products that Organix offers, and there are a lot of them! Registered & Protected


blueviolet said...

It sounds fantastic! Anything with grapefruit intrigues me from the jump start.

jamaise said...

I have tried the coconut one - I liked it a lot. I would also like to try the tea tree.
Nice write up :))

Iva said...

that sounds great! thank you!!


Pinky said...

I love the review and the products sound great. My only question is: do they affect colored hair? I dye my hair really dark brown and it was recommended that I only use products that do not strip the color. Are organix shampoo/conditioner safe for color treated hair? [I saw that you dye you hair too, but I just wanted to double check =) ] Thanks in advance!

Curtis said...

My sister's stylist, who works for one of those famous Santa Monica hair salons, told her that she should be careful in using hair products that contain organic components. She was told that allergies also apply to hair, and if she has history of allergic reactions to ingredients like fruits and vegetables, then she should choose what she buys more meticulously. Since then, my sister consults her stylist before she buys something for her hair, and so far everything's been good.