Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Darac Beauty FORGIVE Your Perfecting Skin Solution

My REVIEW: Have you ever had one of those days when you just looked at yourself in the mirror and sighed over the dull and lifeless way your skin looked? Have you wished you had a magic wand to make your skin look young and glowing again? Well, I certainly have and wished I had known about Darac Beauty's FORGIVE because it would have been a quick and easy fix for bringing my face back to life and giving me back my confidence in how I looked.

I loved this product from the moment I first felt it in my fingers. It feels very light, not greasy or sticky in any way, just a silky soft gel consistency that glides over your skin weightlessly to give it a radiant, vibrant look. FORGIVE can be applied under, over, or instead of makeup. I love that versatility about it, you use it in whatever way you want to, depending on the "look" you want to achieve. This product layers effortlessly so that it can be re-applied throughout the day for a smooth radiant look. When you apply this product to your skin it feels like a gel, not a cream and you just work the product onto your skin until it smooths out and you have achieved the level of radiance you want your skin to have. You can use just a little at a time, because a little goes a long way, and you can keep adjusting it and applying more based on your own visual preference. You can also use the Darac Beauty Looking Glass Cheat Sheet Guide to help you determine where best to place this product on your face.

My CONCLUSION: After using this product for the past 4 days I can't imagine not incorporating this into my daily beauty/makeup routine. It has totally added a whole new dimension to the way my skin looks, a youthful glow that magically appears by simply applying small amounts of this product to your face. It truly does blur discolorations and softens the fine lines and wrinkles giving you that pristine, luminous appearance. I highly recommend this!

From the Darac Beauty Website "FORGIVE: Instead of making your skin concerns bad and wrong, at Darac Beauty we just Forgive them. With a sheer weightless veil of 3-dimensional nano-spheric optics, we perfect your skin, soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and blur discolorations. Forgive is an innovative formulation that re-invents the way your skin looks and acts, resulting in a pristine, luminous and youthful appearance.

Forgive can be applied over or instead of makeup. It layers effortlessly so that it can be reapplied throughout the day for a smooth radiant look. The warmth of your touch activates the optics upon application. Massage a pea-sized amount onto skin in a circular motion for maximum blending and luminous results, repeat as needed. Can be used for touch up throughout the day for a flawless finish."

To learn more about the Darac Beauty Products and for information on how to purchase them, you can visit the Darac Beauty website by clicking HERE Registered & Protected

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