Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Bohemian Lenora Dame Locket

I just received my gorgeous Lenora Dame Fly Locket in the mail. It definitely "wow'd" me when I opened up the package because the exquisite locket is larger and much bolder than I had envisioned and it is just spectacular. I love to wear jewelry that is different from what everyone else is wearing. A fine piece of jewelry that alone is going to create a new and unique "look" for myself just by it's captivating design. That is what this whimsical Fly Necklace will do for my outfits.

I am a jewelry fanatic, I adore all kinds of jewelry styles, delicate, bold, simple, sophisticated, but for those of you who prefer delicate jewelry, this is not the piece for you. This unique locket screams out lively, carefree, bold, free-spirited in its wonderful Bohemian style.

The locket is rendered in gold tone metal and features a distressed paint, a green patina, design with a very ornate stamped gold tone Fly embellishment that is quite convex on top of the locket and really very cool. I love that the locket actually opens up and with its 2 inch diameter you can really put a couple of your favorite photos in there to keep close to your heart. I also love the unique link chain that the locket comes on, it adds a wonderful modern element to this vintage inspired locket. All in all the piece measures 24 inches which to me is a perfect length. I am going to layer this necklace with a couple of chic gold tone chains that I have and together these necklaces will give any outfit I wear that ultra chic, polished complete look! This Necklace Retails for $72.00

To learn more about the Lenora Dame jewelry line, you can visit Lenora Dame by clicking HERE Registered & Protected

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