Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Darac Beauty FEATURE FOCUS Your Face Definer

My REVIEW: I have been using the Darac Beauty Feature Focus Face Definer for 4 days in a row now. It took me the first 2 days to get the hang of using it correctly and tweaking how it works best for defining and sculpting my face in a way that brings out my features in the best light and hides my flaws in the most effective manner. And now that I have been experimenting with the trio of colors, I am getting the hang of it and I am thrilled with what this product can do for my face and skin! Feature Focus works best if you apply it after you have put foundation on your face or if you don't wear foundation you can use it in conjunction with Darac Beauty Sifted Blur. Using the included Darac Beauty Looking Glass Cheat Sheet, a portable acetate facial silhouette that clings to any mirror to guide you through a perfect application and insures that you are applying the trio of colors in the appropriate places on your face, you can see a copy of this at the top of the review.

There are 3 shades in the compact:

1. Forgive which is the largest pan in the compact and it brightens the skin, softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles and blurs discolorations.

2. Forget is the medium toned cream in the compact which illuminates the skin, eliminates darkness and shadows while accentuating eyes and lips.

3. Frame is the deepest toned cream in the compact and it defines facial features, sculpts cheekbones and jaw lines while playing down any feature you'd rather not emphasize.

I love the consistency of the 3 coordinating cream gel makeup colors, they feel very light and natural on your skin, you can barely see or sense that they are there on your skin, which is terrific in this hot summer weather. In spite of the weightless feeling this makeup gives your skin, it very effectively hides shadows on your face, diminishes any imperfections like for me some darkness under my eyes and around the edges of my nose, and it sculpts and enhances the bone structure of your face so naturally and easily.

My CONCLUSION: What I love most about this product is that surprisingly because it works so effectively I am using much less makeup (foundation) than I normally would have to use. You have to love that, especially in these warmer summer months. This is the easiest product I have ever used to define my bone structure and highlight my skin using such weightless light diffusing cream gel makeup. And, the Darac Beauty Looking Glass Cheat Sheet guide makes it easy and fun to apply this trio of products. I highly recommend this product.

From the Darac Beauty Website: "Today, women view lines, wrinkles, and discoloration as something wrong or bad, as opposed to just what is. If lines, wrinkles, or discolorations are there, we want to Forgive them, even though we’ve earned them. We want to Forgive our skin by blurring away imperfections for a seamless, polished look.

We want to Forget shadowing because skin loves light. We’re going to bounce-back light immediately and Forget darkness. Anywhere there’s a dark circle, or additional shadows that collect on your skin – under your nose, the edges of lips or eyes – Forget it and bounce right back.

With a beautiful art piece, you want to focus on it, and you want people to really appreciate it. So you Frame it. Now, Frame your dearest picture, your face, by sculpting and enhancing your bone structure. Sculpt higher cheekbones, bigger brighter eyes, and a defined jaw line. Make your face 3-dimensional!
  1. Glide Looking Glass Cheat Sheet onto mirror. Settle it at face level. Be sure that the lettering faces you.
  2. Open compact and position it so that it matches the diagram on the bottom of the Cheat Sheet.
  3. Find Forgive in your compact. Lightly tap fingertips into cream gel and warm up between fingertips. Blend a little onto face where Forgive is printed on the Cheat Sheet, or wherever you need forgiveness.
  4. Using a different finger tip, repeat Step 3 with Forget and Frame.
  5. Once you are familiar with the effects of each shade, experiment with adding Forgive to blur imperfections, Forget to highlight favorite features, and Frame to sculpt where desired.
  6. When finished glide Looking Glass Cheat Sheet back onto backing paper and store flat for future use."
To learn more about the Darac Beauty Products and for information on how to purchase them, you can visit the Darac Beauty website by clicking HERE Registered & Protected

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