Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Darac Beauty SIFTED BLUR Your Complexion Perfector

My REVIEW: I have been using the Sifted Blur Complexion Perfector for 4 Days in a row now and I am loving the light and breezy feeling this product gives your skin more and more. I have been using it over, on top of, the Darac Beauty Feature Focus makeup and also over the Forgive by Darac Beauty. What I really like about this product is that it multi-tasks and you will benefit from using because it will even out your skin tone, absorb any shine on your skin, it will enhance your makeup by giving you that dewy glow to your skin without making you look overly sparkly. You will look radiant, natural and your skin will look hydrated, now how wonderful is that?! You don't need a lot of Sifted Blur to achieve the full benefits, just a few sweeps of it all over your face using the Darac Beauty TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brush is enough to give your face that polished, silky, perfect "look" and it evens out your skin tone beautifully. I actually have to keep looking at myself in the mirror because I can't believe how dewy and glowing my skin looks, and in the summer heat it feels lightweight and airless on your skin.

My CONCLUSION: I highly recommend this product. It delivers on what it is supposed to do in a quick and effortless manner. I love that it doesn't cake or streak and hides all my imperfections and brings out the best in my skin!

From the Darac Beauty Website "Sifted Blur delivers a new way to achieve complexion perfection. It addresses the need for a convenient, goof-proof finishing agent that provides makeup artist results at home.

Powder is the most necessary and the most misused step in makeup application. The challenge with almost every existing powder on the market is the same: powder visually ages the skin on contact, settles into fine lines, and deposits a haze of coverage. At Darac Beauty, we deconstructed the product and process, reinventing it from scratch. Using state-of-the-art technology, we re-balanced and re-sifted the ingredients, creating a product that attends to universal concerns. The combination of ingenuity and technology in Sifted Blur give birth to a revolution in skin perfection. If you like makeup primers, you will love Sifted Blur as your makeup perfector.
  1. Lightly draw TourQuam™ Brush across Sifted Blur™ surface.
  2. For makeup artist results, sweep and blend back and forth across your face and décolleté.
  3. Sifted Blur can be used as a primer under foundation to facilitate application of makeup and not allow it rob water from your skin; it can be used over foundation to set and perfect makeup; or without any makeup at all, any time of the day."
  4. To learn more about the Darac Beauty Products and for information on how to purchase them, you can visit the Darac Beauty website by clicking HERE Registered & Protected

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