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Review: Silent Gypsy Jewelry

This is a fun review for me to write because Silent Gypsy Jewelry is just emerging into the fashion world and the jewelry is getting noticed because of the sexy urban chic designs and fashion forward elements that each piece offers. The jewelry is unique, sassy and flirty, a touch edgy and very versatile to and the pieces all work well with so many different style of clothes you may choose to wear them with. So whether you love that cool rocker chick look or that classy modern girl style, you will find pieces in the Silent Gypsy line of jewelry that fit your lifestyle. I find the designs are hot, hot, hot and I had to make sure to include this very cool line of jewelry in my The Best of Everything For You Fall Fashion and Beauty Blitz. Here's a little background about Silent Gypsy Jewelry:

{From the Silent Gypsy Website}

"Silent Gypsy is an unspoken expression of one's personal self, a fragment of the beautiful imperfections found throughout nature. Each piece is carefully constructed to accentuate one's lifestyle, lending itself to fulfill and complete a last minute style decision through simple inflections and logistic layers. Mixed metals, asymmetrical lines, and humble imperfections spark an industrial and rugged feel leaving space for subtle feminine accents.

Founded in 2009 in New York City, Silent Gypsy is a reflection of the spiritual, grounded, and optimistic roots of a New England born designer. The materials are handpicked and collected worldwide then carefully assembled by hand. Each design encompasses the eclectic and addictive vision of the designer, giving every piece its own unique voice."


I was sent the following 6 items selected by Silent Gypsy to feature on my blog. The first thing I noticed when I visually looked at each item is how nicely each piece is made and although each piece makes a bold fashion statement, they are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear at the same time. I love it when a piece of jewelry stands out when you wear it, but at the same time is soft and feminine in style too. That is the beauty of the items I was able to see up close and personal from Silent Gypsy.

Thick Stainless Steel Belt Bracelet 3/4 " Wide ~ Adjustable Mesh Bracelet, adjustable from 5 3/4" - 7 1/2"

Silent Gypsy generously allowed me to select one of the featured items here to keep and this is the item I chose. I was able to see in person each item featured here and believe me it was a tough decision because I feel each piece here is lovely! I must say this Belt Bracelet even more magnificent to see in reality. It is exquisitely made, the stainless steel is a clean, fresh, crisp metal that really shines. When I look down at my wrist and see this bracelet on my arm it has a classy, sleek, streamline look that I just love and this bracelet clearly goes with just about everything I wear. It is a bracelet that can stand alone and make a bold fashion statement or you can pair it with a couple of other bracelets for a more layered dramatic look. This bracelet will serve as as "staple" accessory in your wardrobe that you will find most versatile for everyday wear.

Free Flow Earrings, Sterling Silver Hang 2 1/2 " Long, Lots of Movement

These earrings are in one word gorgeous! They are so intricately crafted with so much attention to detail in each element that is part of the design that the picture just cannot capture in their entirety. The earrings are lightweight but carry such a glamorous addition to your look when you wear them. When I look at them I can imagine an exotic Moroccan woman wearing these earrings and looking ever so beautiful and they will make you feel the same when you wear them. They are delicate and lacy looking but are so nicely rendered that you know they are going to be earrings you can enjoy for a long time.

Never Lost Necklace, Compass Charm, Gold tone, Measures 1" 1" and Hangs on 28" Length Silver tone chain, clasp closure

This necklace is so cool! I have not come across a design quite like this and what's nice about this piece is you can easily mix it up with your favorite gold or silver pieces of jewelry. I think this necklace looks great on its own, but you can also add additional chains around your neck to give it that layered effect very easily. Again, there is so much detail engraving to the brass design of the medallion that you can't appreciate from the picture. It makes this piece a wonderful conversation piece that will catch the eye of those around you. I think for the coming Fall Season it is a great piece to wear with all your favorite turtlenecks, sweaters, and tops to add a sense of drama to them!

Bold Way Necklace, Can be work long 43" or wrapped around twice and adjusted to your own taste. Large link silver tone chain has very "worn in" feel. Made of mixed metals, silver tone chain, brass tone ovals and clasp.

The Link look is all the rage this Fall Season. You cannot go wrong with adding this style of necklace to your jewelry arsenal. You will literally be able to wear it with everything from your casual teeshirts as well as with your favorite little black dress. What I loved most about this necklace is you can wear it long and feel sexy and sassy with it worn that way or you can wrap it around your neck a few times for a chunkier more edgier look. It's like having 2 necklaces from 1. Now how cool is that?! I also love, love the look of mixed metals. It adds that extra dimension to the necklace that makes it stand out and again allows you the versatility to pair it with all different other jewelry you have in your wardrobe so easily.

Basketweave Ring, Sterling Silver

Big and bold are how I would describe this wide basketweave ring. It is not overpowering to see on your finger at all. In fact, I have very small hands, and my fingers are short, and this ring looked fabulous on me. It is not heavy in weight, it feels very comfortable on your finger. It is a chameleon style ring in that it can transform itself to blend in with all your existing rings, whether they are basic silver rings or fancier gemstone rings. This ring has the ability to be a perfect companion to a variety of styles of rings you may already have so layer them on, that is what is hip for the Fall!

Rosary Key Necklace, Black Bead Chain is 31" around the neck and then has a 2" drop w/a brass key that measures 1.75". Total necklace measures 35"

And last but not least this ultra hip necklace. I have always been fascinated with rosaries. My grandmother must have owned over a dozen of them, all with different colored beads and beautiful metals and crosses embellishing them. And innovative jewelry designers today know how captivating rosaries are to so many and thus here we have a magnificent take on the rosary with this Rosary Key Necklace. It offers it all: style, grace, sophistication, a touch trendy, a little edgy which makes it so alluring to so many people. I can easily see pairing this necklace with either one of the necklaces above, The Never Lost Necklace or the Bold Way Necklace, to really kick your Fall Season off with some hot new jewelry pieces to enjoy and bring out the best in how you look in your Fall outfits.

Silent Gypsy would like to offer an exclusive discount to my readers if they purchase any items from their website. You may use discount code best4you to receive 10% off your entire purchase now through October 31, 2009. You can visit Silent Gypsy by clicking HERE and enjoy browsing through all their fabulous jewelry.

You can also visit the Silent Gypsy Blog by clicking HERE

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