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Review: RAW Minerals Discovery Kit

There are so many different brands of mineral makeups out in the marketplace, and I have tried many of them. Some feel better on your skin than others, some provide you with more coverage than others, and I feel it is a matter of personal preference deciding which brands you like most. I know which mineral makeups I would use again, and the brands I would not choose to use again, and based on my recent experience using Raw Natural Beauty's RAW Minerals it is the best of the best when it comes to the mineral makeups I have used to date.

RAW Minerals is not only a beautiful way to give your skin a smooth, silky, flawless "look", but it is also "good" and healthy for your skin. If you want to treat yourself to some new makeup and really kick off your Holiday Season with gorgeous looking skin, then perhaps you want to consider trying RAW Minerals. Or how about starting the New Year off with a new beauty routine? At the end of my review look for the exclusive 50% off Code where you can purchase the RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit for half price!! Let me introduce RAW Minerals to you!


Christina Marcaccini is the Creator and Founder of Raw Natural Beauty. After working for more than 10 years as a product developer for several large cosmetic companies, she saw first-hand the widespread use of potentially harmful chemicals in beauty products. She grew frustrated by the industry's unwillingness to invest in safer, more natural ingredients and she grew painfully aware that most natural brands on the market did not perform well.

She knew there were millions of women, like herself, who wanted a better, smarter, choice for their skin and their health. That's when she decided to create RAW Natural Beauty to offer women a high-performance line of purely natural makeup and skincare.

She spent nearly three years searching the world for the most innovative natural ingredients that deliver superior performance. In addition to being free of parabens, harsh chemicals, and artificial colorants, all RAW Natural Beauty products are enriched with exclusive active botanicals that actively nourish, protect and defy the signs of aging.


At the heart of all RAW Natural Beauty products are active botanicals, pure plant extracts that help to fight wrinkles, revitalize firmness, enhance natural radiance, and restore your skin's natural beauty from the outside in.


No harsh chemicals, no synthetic dyes, nothing to irritate your skin or clog your pores. If an ingredient isn't good for your skin, we don't use it. This makes RAW Natural Beauty ideal even for women with acne, redness or sensitive skin.


RAW Natural Beauty ingredients are grown using sound ecological practices. Their cultivation helps to support local farming communities as well as reforestation and educational programs.


You feel beautiful when you know you look your best. RAW Natural Beauty is designed to instantly perfect your complexion and leave your skin radiant and glowing, while helping to fight the signs of aging over time.

RAW Natural Beauty’s Approach to Global Awareness

Our products aren’t just good for the skin, they’re also good for the planet! RAW Natural Beauty’s ingredients are grown using sound ecological practices and their cultivation helps to support local farming communities as well as reforestation and educational programs.

As a natural brand, we believe our responsibility extends far beyond the ingredients we use.
We passionately support a holistic definition of beauty ... beauty in balance with the earth.

I was sent the fabulous
RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit to review. I had heard a lot about RAW Minerals before, very positive buzz, but had never had a hands on chance to experiment with the products and use them on myself. (RAW Minerals has been featured in all the hottest magazines such as Allure, Lucky, Self, Women's Health, just to name a few) You bet I was in for a real royal treat!! When I was contacted about doing the review I was asked to provide them with the color kit I wanted to review. So based on the website and what shades I normally select for myself to wear, I asked for them to send me the "Medium" tone RAW Minerals Discovery Kit.

Although I normally consider my skin tone more "medium" in color, and I tried to follow the instructions on the RAW Minerals website to assist me in making sure I selected the correct shade, I did find when I received my RAW Minerals Discovery Kit that the Medium shades were a tad bit too dark for me. So, if ordering, please keep this in mind! I contacted the RAW Minerals Rep and she quickly sent me the "Light" foundation duo and those lighter shades worked out just perfectly for my skin tone.

Anyone can use the RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit, no matter what your complexion or skin type is:

Whether you have Light, Medium, Tan or a Dark Complexion, there are shades that are going to work for you:

This explains the kit I received:

RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit

Discover the secret to a flawless complexion. This skin-perfecting kit includes everything you'll need to perfectly cover skin imperfections and achieve a flawless, luminous and even complexion.

Why do you receive 2 foundation shades? Our Color Match Technology guarantees that all skin tones get a true color match. We do this by giving you 2 foundation shades - one light, one darker. These duos are easy to blend, making it easy for you to find your perfect match every time. So, even if your skin tone changes with the seasons, you can easily adjust your RAWMinerals to match.

Your Discovery Kit includes:
  • 2 Mineral Foundations
  • Mineral Glow
  • Active Veil SPF 18
  • Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush
I also received the RAW Minerals Discovery Kit Instructional DVD that helped to guide me through the process of each product and brushes I received. The website more than adequately teaches you, but the extra addition of the DVD really helped me to achieve the looks I wanted with these products with little effort, in 3 Quick and Easy Steps. Here they are:

Begin with cleansed, moisturized skin. Allow moisturizer to fully absorb before applying mineral foundation.
Pour a small amount of foundation from the jar into the lid.
Touch your Maximum Coverage Foundation brush to the minerals and swirl it around until the brush "takes up" the minerals.
Tap off excess.
Blend over your face by moving the brush in a circular motion around the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and anywhere you desire flawless coverage.
If you prefer more coverage, continue to apply foundation as needed.

Pour a small amount of Mineral Glow from the jar into the lid. Remember, a little goes a long way!
Touch your Retractable brush to the powder and swirl it around until the brush “takes up” the minerals.
Tap off excess.
Lightly dust it all over your face or just sweep a bit over your nose, cheeks, chin and d├ęcolletage for a light, alluring glow.

Pour a small amount of Active Veil from the jar into the lid.
Touch your Foundation brush to the powder and swirl it around until the brush “takes up” the minerals.
Tap off excess.
Apply lightly to the entire face and neck to set foundation in place.

SHADES OF FOUNDATION - Ultra fine foundations of natural crushed minerals glide on with a weightless, silky feel and blend perfectly into skin. A single application seamlessly covers imperfections such as dark spots, redness and acne. Natural, extremely versatile colors make it easy to find your ideal shade.

MINERAL GLOW - These skin-enhancing minerals give skin an instant look of natural, sun-kissed radiance. The natural color compliments skin tone and provides a youthful glow that lasts all day.

ACTIVE VEIL - Sheer, translucent minerals set foundation and give skin a look of airbrushed perfection. Designed to work perfectly with RAW Mineral foundations, Active Veil provides an even, flawless finish that lasts all day.

MAXIMUM COVERAGE FOUNDATION BRUSH - The secret to flawless application, this professional-quality brush is specially designed with densely packed, silky bristles for quick, easy application.

CONCEALER BRUSH - The feather-soft bristles and tapered, oval tip are perfectly designed to exact control and complete coverage of blemishes, broken capillaries, scars, acne, age spots and freckles.

MULTI-TASKING RETRACTABLE BRUSH - All the benefits of a full-sized makeup brush and a shadow brush in a retractable design you can tuck away and take with you.


I am not gifted with perfect skin or anywhere near a flawless complexion. I developed a mild to moderate case of Rosacea a few years ago. Some days my skin is a little ruddy, and other days it is worse and I even have breakouts over the ruddiness so it is a condition I struggle with everyday. I am always striving to achieve healthy skin, that will one day make me smile when I look in the mirror. Until that day comes, I depend on good cosmetics to work their magic on covering up my imperfections naturally. By naturally I mean it in two ways, naturally in terms of ingredients in the products and naturally by which you can't tell I am wearing much makeup at all. I want to make sure the makeup I use on my face will not irritate my skin any more than it already is, and will perhaps even help to heal it. I also want a natural, silky look to my skin. RAW Minerals foundations did indeed help me to achieve all of this and more. It gave me back some of the confidence I had lost.

What I love most about this 7-piece kit is that it is very quick to apply, it took me less than 5 minutes to complete my makeup application and I love that it is easy, truly a no-brainer, to use. Although you are provided with a fantastic instructional DVD which I highly recommend you view at least once before you use the kit, you really don't need it if you study the instructions on the website prior to using it. You do not need to be good at applying makeup to achieve success with these products. But, you will end up with a lovely, professional looking makeup "look" that will make you feel so good about yourself and the way you look.

You can layer the foundation to achieve a thicker coverage by applying a few different applications to your skin. For those who may want to cover a scar or acne on their skin you can really cover literally anything, but I found just one layer of foundation was enough to cover my rosacea adequately which was to me a sign of an amazing product at work.

I love the Active Veil because it completed the flawless look for you. Once I was done applying it I took the retractable brush, swished it around in a little more of the active veil, and put the top on the brush and threw it in my purse. That way when I was away from the house and wanted to freshen up my skin, I had it ready to just sweep across my face for a quick touch up during the day. How handy I found that to be!

On those mornings where you feel you look a little peaked and pale, just a light sweep of the Mineral Glow on the apples of your cheeks will perk your skin right up and bring that ever so slight sun kissed glow to your skin. I can't wait to use this throughout the holidays to keep me looking fresh and alive!!

Overall, I am super impressed with the results I experienced using this entire kit and I know these are products I will want to continue to keep in my daily beauty arsenal. I am so excited to share my thoughts with you and hope if you decide to give this 7-Piece Kit a try you have a chance to feel the same way!

The generous folks at Raw Natural Beauty are so sure you are going to fall in love with the RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit that they would like to offer you a special price on it. Use the promotional code DISCOVERY50 to receive 50% off the regular price plus free shipping. Now that's an amazing offer! Just type in DISCOVERY50 at checkout to receive your exclusive offer!

A very special THANK YOU to Raw Natural Beauty for providing me with the products for this review.

Disclosure: I received the
RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit for the purposes of this Review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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