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REVIEW: ALTERNA Glitterati Caviar Sparkling Champagne Spray

ALTERNA has created this absolutely divine Glitterati Caviar Sparkling Champagne Spray for this holiday season. It gives your hair a subtle sparkle and shine for your most festive holiday occasions! Indulge your style with a touch of luxury and elegance this holiday season with the new, limited-edition Glitterati Champagne and Caviar Collection, including styling essentials that turn everyday tresses into glamorous holiday locks. This gorgeous shimmer spray with light hold infuses hair with subtle sparkle, perfect for a holiday updo or to decorate locks with a festive golden glow. That is why I am including this sensational product as one of my top picks for my Holiday Glamour and Gift Giving Guide. Pick a bottle up for yourself to add a festive, opulent touch to your holiday hair with a sparkling finish and this will also make an exciting stocking stuffer or gift for all your beauty loving friends!


My hair is one of my favorite features so any product that is going to make my hair shine and look beautiful is a product I want to learn about and use.  So when I received this unique product to review I couldn't wait to try it out.  And, even my Mom was anxious to try it.  The two of us are great subjects because I have dark brown hair and she is a "blonde" so we were able to see the special effects on both shades of hair.

Using this product is a breeze.  You simply spray on dry hair to add a touch of golden shimmer to flowing waves or dramatic updos for understated elegance and to add a sparkling finish for special occasions.  My mom and I {for purposes of  this review} sprayed it on our freshly washed and styled hair.  We used it as a light hold hairspray as well as for the gold shimmer effect.  We were planning to head out for lunch, and decided to add some spice and pizzazz to our typical daily look and this product did not disappoint!  We love it!

A little bit of spraying goes a long way.  The product offers light hold and for us, it is great hold!  I hate when you use a product on your hair and it is so stiff, sticky and impossible to comb or brush through.  This product won't let any of these things happen.  It is lightweight and leaves no uncomfortable sticky residue on your hair.  It looks like it might because if its sparkly, shimmer effects, but your hair still feels natural and manageable! 

My mom's hair is color treated blonde and also highlighted.  The glitterati caviar champagne spray added a very subtle sparkle to her hair and brought attention to her highlights! She told me she felt special, more chic and confident in knowing her hair looked so pretty.  For me, with my color treated dark brown hair that is also highlighted, this product had the same subtle but still noticeable results.  It seemed to bring out my highlights as well as add some beautiful golden shimmer to hair.  It did not look overdone or fake, it looked lovely and alluring.  I am going to spray this product in my hair everyday, that is if I can get it out of my Mom's hands.....

In addition to this product's obvious visual benefits, there are also some very exciting health benefits that your hair will achieve from using it.  It is infused with Grape Seed Oil which is a powerful antioxidant that locks in moisture, fights free radicals and combats aging.  The caviar extract in this product is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential in delivering moisture, shine and elasticity.  Now how delightful does all this sound?!  A product that will deliver glamorous holiday gold shimmer, provide light hold and improve the condition of your hair.  Sounds dreamy!!

One last note, the glitterati caviar sparkling champagne spray smells amazing!  A Gorgeous holiday White Coco scent featuring notes of lime, citrus and coconut!  Not only will you be turning heads by how lovely your hair looks, but you will be drawing the attention of those around you by how sexy your hair smells!  This is one splendid, delightful product.

The ALTERNA Glitterati Caviar Sparkling Champagne Spray 3.4 oz. Retails for about $20

It is available at:
At all Ulta Stores
Fred Segal Stores
And at High-End Boutiques and Salons Worldwide

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