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REVIEW: Thierry Mugler ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire

I have adored wearing Thierry Mugler's beautiful fragrance ALIEN for a few years now.  I don't wear it everyday, as it is a decadent scent, alluring and very sensual, and I personally prefer to wear it when the mood suits me, usually evenings, when I am in just the right state of mind to exude femininity and sensuality and I want to capture the attention of those around me........  If you are not familiar with the Thierry Mugler ALIEN line of fragrances, here are the basics:

The original ALIEN Eau de Parfum Scent was created by Thierry Mugler in 2005.  He then built upon that in 2009 and created ALIEN Eau de Toilette.  Then, just when we thought ALIEN could not get any more splendid, in 2012 Thierry Mugler launched ALIEN - Alien Essence Absolue, Eau de Parfum Intense.  For those of us who have fallen in love with each of these variations of ALIEN, we know just how glorious and divine each of these captivating versions of ALIEN are, so it is with such excitement and honor that I share with you my thoughts about Thierry Mugler's newest and greatest ALIEN launch for 2014 - Alien Eau Extraordinaire, Eau de Toilette! Below are details about this fascinating new version of ALIEN:

{Adapted from the Thierry Mugler Press Release}

A new and luminous fragrance, ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire enlightens ALIEN’s universe like never before. Crafted with the finest materials, it offers a brand new olfactory experience for the fragrance lovers.

ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire - a floral, woody, amber creation in three revelations

A luminous floral revelation:
The freshness of a radiant bouquet 

The revitalizing light of Tunisian neroli: an essence described as “liquid gold” by perfumers because of its olfactory richness with hints of orange blossom. 

The exquisite sparkle of Italian bergamot tea: associates the radiance of essential oil of bergamot to a tea accord, in reference to the ancestral tea ceremony.

An incandescent woody revelation:
The generous warmth of an uncommon sensual accord…

The solar energy of the tiare flower… a symbol of love and happiness on the paradisiac Pacific islands where it grows, this flower adds honey-toned accents and a touch of exoticism.  Borrowed from the original Alien Eau de Parfum creation, cashmeran, composed like a warm, mysterious wood, continues to transport us to a welcoming “elsewhere”.

A benevolent amber revelation:
A comforting signature, like the warm caress of sunlight on skin

In the wake of Eau Extraordinaire, an enveloping and reassuring material: white amber, the emblematic signature of Alien.

Equally positive, soft wafts of heliotrope reaffirm the feeling of plenitude and well-being.

ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire by Thierry Mugler – 2 fl. oz EDP - $69

 ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire by Thierry Mugler – 3 fl. oz EDP - $89

 Available in April 2014 at Thierry Mugler counters nationwide and on

2014 Launch of Alien Eau Extraordinaire Eau Extraordinaire starts a new chapter in the story of Alien and promotes an even more optimistic and positive message. Splendidly radiant, the Solar Goddess emanates absolute serenity. Through her Eau Extraordinaire, she enhances the sensuality of women with incandescent freshness. Like a conduit for positive energy, the Alien Eau Extraordinaire woman radiates splendor and leaves a luminous, glowing and benevolent fragrance in her wake. This extraordinary eau de toilette is housed in a crystalline bottle inspired by a precious, marquise-cut gemstones.


I was sent a full size bottle of Alien Eau Extraordinaire, Eau de Toilette.  I know in my introduction I said that I usually refrain from wearing ALIEN everyday because for me it was more of an evening scent, but from the moment I first sprayed Alien Eau Extraordinaire, Eau de Toilette on myself, I have not stopped wearing it!  It is such an intoxicatingly delightful sexy fragrance, that I can stop wanting to breathe it in and allow myself to feel my inner beauty shine through!

When I was approached to do this review I was asked to be honest and share the good, the bad and the ugly.  I can say without hesitation that there just is not any bad or ugly, it is all good and may I add exceptionally outstanding!  The fragrance is breathtakingly so lovely, I will try and describe it to you:


I am drawn to a couple of different types of scents when I am selecting a fragrance for myself, usually a scent with a citrus aroma because I find that refreshing and energizing, or an amber scent because I find amber aroma's sexy and alluring.  For me, ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire, Eau de Toilette combines both materials that I love, along with many more!

Alien Eau Extraordinaire, the olfactory expression of optimism and benevolence

Happiness can be thought of as a state of plenitude and absolute serenity. To translate this feeling, Alien Eau Extraordinaire has been designed as a luminous, resolutely positive eau de toilette, composed in a radiant and optimistic olfactory language. Eau Extraordinaire, a concentrate of luminous notes Eau Extraordinaire combines materials selected for their energizing power on the senses. In keeping with the Alien signature (white amber and cashmeran wood), there is a solar bouquet of citrus and flowers – ethereal, festive, the symbol of radiant femininity: bergamot, neroli, tiare flower and heliotrope. These flowers have blossomed in the sun to fill the heart of a generous fragrance with radiant benefits.

When I spray on ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire, Eau de Toilette my senses are filled with energized sensations as well as feelings of flirty sensuality.  That is why I am so drawn to this fragrance and have chosen to wear it by day and night!  I have received compliments on it from family and friends as well as total strangers in stores and as I travel out and about!  The scent is irresistible, mysterious, enchanting, sultry, invigorating all at the same time!  It is sure to drive those around you crazy with excitement and happiness!

I understand this complicated fragrance and now can understand why Thierry Mugler paired it with the Solar Goddess as it's inspiration.  She truly does shine as the Alien Eau Extraordinaire woman who radiates splendor and leaves a luminous, glowing and benevolent fragrance in her wake. 

One last note, the bottle is stunning, so ultimately couture!  Here is the background relative to this exquisite bottle:

The Alien Eau Extraordinaire bottle: a crystalline gemstone with a marquise cut

This precious new flask reveals the golden champagne sparkle of Eau Extraordinaire. Like the other Alien bottles, it was inspired by gemstones and precious crystals, intense sources of energy and light with mystical powers. 

 This new design pays tribute to the “marquise” style, a way of cutting stones in 56 facets using complex and painstaking expertise. In France, this eighteenth-century innovation is said to have been inspired by the love of King Louis XV for his favorite, the Marquise de Pompadour. The rounded lines of the cut stone are a tribute to the radiant smile of the beautiful marchioness. It conveys the power of feeling into precious matter and covers the beloved woman with shimmering jewels in joyful shapes. 

This same sensuality and femininity now clothe the bottle of the new interpretation of Alien: Eau Extraordinaire.


With every new season comes an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself.  Why not incorporate a fresh new and exciting fragrance into that mission!  Alien: Eau Extraordinaire is the ideal scent to kick off Spring and Summer in a mesmerizing manner.  Or, why not treat your Mother to this delightful scent for Mother's Day! Whatever the special occasion is, one thing is for sure, every woman will adore this fragrance once she experiences it for the first time, and she will covet it each and every day afterwards!

You can discover this outstanding fragrance and others created by Thierry Mugler by visiting the website directly by CLICKING HERE.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received a full size bottle of Alien: Eau Extraordinaire for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Thierry Mugler in any manner. Registered & Protected

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