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REVIEW: WILLAMY Handcrafted Leather Wrap Bracelets & Accessories

Willamy is taking Hollywood by storm with their celeb style handcrafted wrap bracelets and accessories. Worn on shows including "Ellen", "The Talk", "ET", "Today Show" and more, your favorite celebrities are loving this hip and ultra couture brand!  So it is with enthusiasm and such excitement that I introduce Willamy to you and share with you how you can adorn yourselves with some celebrity worthy bracelets and accessories too!  Wear the same bracelets as your favorite stars are wearing, and spice up your style and look this coming Fall and Winter season.  Let me briefly introduce Willamy to you:

{Adapted from the Willamy Website}

Launched in 2012, the Willamy brand was created by Los Angeles designer Amy Beth Williams. With a career in celebrity news and a pulse for Hollywood style and fashion, Williams began experimenting with jewelry design and handcrafted a crystal leather wrap bracelet. Within hours of wearing it, several orders were requested and a website went up overnight. Days later, her bracelets were worn on “Entertainment Tonight” and "The Early Show” by host Nancy O’Dell. 

By popular demand, her line expanded to include accessories, as well as men and kids bracelets, and were picked up by a trendy and  upscale Beverly Hills boutique, followed by other boutiques nationwide. They have since been worn by Mark Steines and  Cristina Ferrare on "Home and Family" and in December of 2012 they were featured on Mark Steines’ “favorite things” segment on the show. Her bracelets and accessories have since sold out on multiple flash sale segments on "Homeand Family" and local news sale segments. In June 2014, Willamy was featured in "InTouch" Magazine's "Celeb Summer Picks" products. 

Willamy leather wrap bracelets have also been requested by stylists for , "The Talk", "Ricki" and Reba McEntyre and worn by Dean McDermott, Dean Cain, Billy Ray Cyrus, Paige Hemmis (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), Ty Pennington, Maksim Chmerkovskiy (DWTS), Wendell Middlebrooks, Thea Anderews (Insider), Brooke Anderson (ET), Mary McDonough (The Waltons), Keltie Colleen (Insider), Brandon McMillan (Lucky Dog), Devin Alexander, Danni Allen, Lauren Lee, Courtney Crozier and Willamy headbands recently worn on "Rising Star!

Recognizing the demand for high quality, yet affordable crystal, beads, stones and genuine leather jewelry, Willamy continues to expand the collection with new designs and styles for men, women and kids!


I was given the extreme pleasure of selecting from Willamy Collection the bracelet I wanted to review.  This was no easy task, because there are literally dozens of gorgeous, I mean truly stunning bracelets to choose from!  No matter what your age, gender or style preferences are, there is a Willamy bracelet that is perfect for you!  You can select the bracelet that best suits your own unique sense of style, and once you discover it, you will want to wear it all the time, I promise you that!

After much debate, I chose the magnificent Metallic Gold Rush Bracelet.  Believe me, I wanted to choose all the bracelets I saw, because each one is a work of art, and each one has a place in my accessory bank!

Here are the details about this spectacular bracelet:

5x Metallic Leather Gold Rush Bracelet
Price:  $62 for 5x length, $49 for 3x ;ength


5x Leather Wrap Bracelet. Also available in 3x Wrap. 6mm Czech Firepolish Crystals on Metallic Leather.


This smokin' hot gorgeous bracelet is available in either 3x or 5x which means you can select the bracelet in a length that will wrap around your wrist 3 times or 5 times.  Of course I had to go with the most "wow" factor as possible, so I chose it in the 5x length.  And, I sure am glad I did, it is such an eye catching bracelet!!  I feel so empowered when I wear it, it adds that element of glamorous rocker chic to my look!

First I want to comment about how expertly crafted this bracelet it.  Sheer perfection from top to bottom.  It is made with meticulous workmanship, rendered in such very fine quality.  You can feel it from the moment you hold it in your hands.

Second, it is super durable, the materials are not flimsy at all.  I can tell that it is made from only the most superior leather and the the highest quality crystals.  You will not be disappointed when you first lay eyes on these truly divine bracelets, I can see why all the stars and celebrities are coveting them! 

Next, these bracelets are designed so anyone, and I mean anyone can wear them!  Any age, any gender, any wrist size, they will work for you!  As you can see from my picture, there are 3 button hole loops, and you can fit the button closure into the loop that best fits your wrist.  The button on my bracelet needed to go into the last button whole, so I cut the first two button holes off, it was easy to do, and that left me with just the one button hole at the end. That makes these bracelets so versatile and there is no need to worry if you have an extra small wrist, or an extra large wrist, you can adjust the bracelet to give you the ideal fit.

I have been wearing my Metallic Gold Rush bracelet everywhere, with everything!  It works well with my casual outfits as well as my more dressier outfits, and I receive compliments on it every time I wear it!  It has just the right amount of 'bling' to it that capture the attention of those around me, and I have a feeling no matter which Willamy Collection bracelet you choose, it will have that same effect when you wear it.

Here are some ideas on how you can wear the 5x length wrap bracelets!

How cool is this!  You can transform the wrap bracelet into an ankle bracelet or necklace!

Willamy Collection offers a wide variety of leather and suede wrap bracelets, in a delightful variety of colors, crystal beads, wood beads, pearl beads, gemstone beads, you name it, they offer it!  Also, you can find single wrap bracelets as well as the 3x and 5x wrap bracelets.  Willamy Collection also offers heabands and pet collars, so even your beloved pets can look chic and stylish!

The Willamy Collection bracelets arrive in a wonderful organza gift bag which also serves as the best way to store your bracelet when you are not wearing it.  Very convenient and easy to pack away or bring along with you when you are traveling.  And, a perfect gift for that hard to buy for person in your life, they are sure to fall in love with a Willamy Collection piece of jewelry, right!!

You can visit Willamy Collection by CLICKING HERE to browse through the pages and pages of splendid bracelets and accessories.  You will have so much fun!

This concludes my Review.

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A very special thank you to Willamy Collection for providing me with the Metallic Gold Rush Bracelet to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the Metallic Gold Rush Bracelet from Willamy Collection for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Willamy Collection in any manner. Registered & Protected

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