Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Darac Beauty Products

Do you ever wish you had the luxury of having a professional makeup artist come to your home and apply your makeup on you? Of course you do. Do you wish you knew all the tricks of the trade that makeup artists use on their models to make them look so beautiful? And, do you wish you had the proper tools in your beauty arsenal to give yourself a gorgeous professionally madeup look? Yes, yes, yes, is what I say to all this and the fantastic news is now you can! Darac Beauty products can do all of this for you by providing you with the knowledge, products and tools to give yourself a flawless new look that will enhance your best features and play down those that are not your favorite. You will love what Darac Beauty products can do for you so please read on to learn more about them.

The generous folks at Darac Beauty sent me a box full of Darac Beauty Products which I have reviewed. The Darac Beauty Team really put together a nice presentation for me to work with, and I am thrilled to be able to experience these products and ultimately share with you how they worked for me. Let me tell you a little bit about Darac himself and his company:

About Darac:

"Darac, makeup artist extraordinaire, is the founder of Darac Beauty. His celebrity clients include winners of Academy Awards, Tonys, Emmys, and royalty. Darac has designed makeup for fashion shows, Broadway shows, celebrity weddings, primetime soap operas, television, and film. Darac's ability to highlight and enhance each woman's natural beauty makes him widely sought-after by women everywhere."

About Darac Beauty:

"Darac Beauty is a fresh, modern approach to enhancing the way you look. With Darac Beauty, I redefine straightforward Core Solutions that elevate the magic of beauty for you. My cosmetic creations evolve from a place of Color Integrity, interpreted with the whimsy of trend.

With the Color Integrity concept, the colors and textures work together, and they work for you. It’s not based on trend or opinion. It’s truly based on color science and colors that are great for your skin. They’re easy to use and apply, and the textures are delicious. They allow you to feel confident in the way you look and how easily you can achieve it.

Core Solutions is based on you. It’s inspired by the diverse women I have worked with in my twenty-something years of makeup artistry – celebrities, models, royalty, and all the women, that I have met in years at makeup counters across the country. Everyone has similar core concerns. When you say, my foundation doesn’t match my skin; my powder makes me look like my great-great grandmother; I used to have long delicious lashes and now I have four sausages, or anything else you’ve struggled with, Core Solutions offers you specific solutions with instant results."

My REVIEW: Darac Beauty was launched in 2008 and it's hard to believe in one short year how much they have achieved! This year Darac Beauty was able to showcase its products as the proud makeup sponsors of the Miss USA 2009 Competition. In addition, Darac Beauty has appeared in prominent magazines and television shows including Oprah Magazine, InStyle, AOL Stylist, inTouch and The Early Show. You can purchase the products on the Darac Beauty Website, QVC Network and Henri Bendel's in New York City.

Because Darac Beauty was so generous in sending me so many products I decided to review them individually so I could share with you how fantastic each one truly works. Below are the different products that I reviewed and you can click on the links provided to read about each product. I have to say, experimenting with each product, learning how to use each one and exploring how they work the best for me was so much fun. It gave me a sense of achievement and pride when I saw what the final results looked like on my face and also provided me with a new sense of confidence about my skin and my own individual features of my face. I learned I can hide the parts of my face that are not so perfect and enhance those features that I feel I want to bring out.

Darac Beauty Products Review:

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